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Description: The Yakcat hybrid is a patent-pending self-propelled, human powered paddleboat. The closest known technology on the market is a kayak or canoe. The hybrid in Yakcat represents an evolution in paddle sport technology, combining and improving upon the best qualities of catamarans and kayaks. The benefit: a virtually unsinkable vessel with more stability, less back strain and greater flexibility providing a one-of-a-kind paddle experience.

Benefits: The Yakcat hybrid makes paddle sports accessible to just about everyone. Kayaks are very sensitive to the movement and balance of the passenger. In addition, the position of the rider is often very restrictive and uncomfortable for long periods of time. By implementing an innovative hull and saddle seat design, we’ve created a more ergonomic paddling experience allowing for the rider to be in wide variety of positions not possible in kayaks or canoes. Instead of worrying about back strain, legs falling asleep, and perfect positioning and balance, the Yakcat hybrid lets the rider enjoy being in the water and making it easier to paddle, fish, hunt, scuba dive, bird watching, or take photographs.

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